Monday, December 13, 2010

Charter Link Compass Adjusting

True North

Rob is hiding on Silverstream

Bella Rosa
27 October and off to Auckland to swing a few compasses for Rob Thexton of Charter Link. He keeps several privately owned yachts in survey and handles the chartering and maintenance of them. Always a pleasant experience to work with Rob. Bella Rosa had two compasses and the other two boats one compass each. Lovely day on the Waitemata with light winds and sunny sky.

Raglan Charters

Islay Mist II
25 August and a trip to the west coast port of Raglan to swing the compass on the Islay Mist II. Working out of Raglan involves crossing a sand bar into the Tasman Sea and can be a trial at times so for smaller vessels it is a calm weather exercise. Luckily the compass swing was done in the harbour even though it was a bit breezy. Cargo ships used to work this port but no more and the old cement silo has been converted into living accomodation.

Mussel Barge Charters


Maata II

On 24 August it was time for another trip to Coromandel to swing a couple of compasses on the Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris vessels the Maata II and the Koromoemoea. These vessels take people out fishing amongst the mussel farms and are an interesting way to see the mussel harvesting operation and layout of the farms. Harvesting releases and disturbs heaps of material which acts as food and burley to the hungry snapper which gives folks a chance to catch a couple for their own use.