Wednesday, August 21, 2019

FV Noeline in Raglan. Nice drive and a couple of boat compasses to swing.
This was done a few months ago
Recently swung 4 compasses for Kawau Kat and ferries.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

FV Nausicaa Star

22 April 2013
Again to Auckland for a swing on this steel trawler. Was a case of doing the best I could without rebuilding the boat. They are catching blind eels which is unusual at best. And I can't find the photo I took of this critter.

MY Wabi-Sabi

08 April 2013
Off to Auckland for a swing on the Super Yacht Wabi-Sabi. We went to A Buoy for the swing and engine trials. Lovely lunch and excellent crew. I was sent back in the tender which was a speedy flat bottomed critter with a bow ramp.

Thirty Three

04 April 2013
Drove to Half Moon bay for a swing on the charter boat Thirty Three. Good to see a fellow happy in his work.

MY Espirito Santo

03 April 2013
A lovely day with a nice boat and super nice captain and crew. Routine compass swing in the Waitemata.

Ferral Joker

11 February 2013
Holiday and shipping duties have slowed things down .
Sylvia, Barbi, Frodog and I went to Kawakawa Bay for this job. Boat just came in from an epic voyage and has been involved in lots of fish catching. Nice boat and a scenic ride also.