Friday, February 18, 2011

Stars Jet

 Valentine's Day was an early start for me. Left home at 0320 to head for Coromandel to swing the compass on the Mussel Barge Wanderer. Underway just after 0600 and off to the lee of Waiheke Island to watch the harvesting of mussels while I caught a few snapper for myself and the crew. Compass was not working so it will mean another trip at some time.On the way spotted the SV Spirit of New Zealand on the way to anchor. I used to do a bit of volunteer work on her years ago.
 The lower photo is the fishing charter and mussel bargeStars Jet which operates out of a lovely private setting on Te Kuna Harbour which is over a steep hill and down a long driveway from where the Coromandel barges work. Out in the harbour for the swing and then the long drive home.

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